• <span>The Chin Conti</span> A Monochromatic beauty

    The Chin Conti A Monochromatic beauty

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    Natural posers Bred to be champions

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    Yellow Contis A rare color

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    Red Eyed Whites For passionate breeders

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    We share a love for the unique breed of rabbit commonly referred to as the Continental Giant or "conti" in the United States.

    Once rarely seen in United States, this amazing rabbit is becoming ever more popular among serious breeders and hobbyist alike. Their gentle demeanor and amazing proportions make them a sight to behold. Here you may explore breed standards, housing tips, proper breeding practices or simply marvel at them in the gallery, enjoy your visit to ContinentalGiant.US!

What is a Continental Giant

The Continental Giant is known by several names

Referred to as German Giant, Swiss Giant, Vlaamse Reus (In Holland) and Deutsche Riesen (In Germany), however they are one and the same and are simply referred to as "contis" by many. First documented in 1893, fine specimens may be found across Europe. Thanks to hard work between UK and USA breeders we are now beginning to see these beautiful rabbits here in the USA.

The extraordinary breed with it's upright posture (semi-arch breed) and impressive weight potential is truly a sight to behold. Combine the aforementioned with their propensity to be very docile and they truly are gentle giants.

Continental Giant US Presence

Superb quality has finally arrived in the United States

While present to a limited extent in the past, of late many top quality Continental Giant lines have been introduced and are being bred by responsible breeders here in America.

Records show that contis were brought over in the early 1980's (then referred to as German Giants), somewhere in the neighborhood of 50-60 were distributed among several breeders. The colors were agouti and yellow. Unfortunately popularity did not grow quick enough to create a solid genetic base at that time.

BRC Standards

"Welcome to the fancy"

The Continental Giant is recognized by the BRC (British Rabbit Council) under the fur breeds for their amazing coats. Formed in 1934, they are the equivalent to the United States ARBA (American Rabbit Breeders Association.

In addition to research in disease prevention and show organization they are responsible for maintaining the standards to which each breed should meet, found in the "Breeds Standard Booklet". This standard details specifics for each recognized color inclusive of body type, fur/eye and nail color and of course disqualifying characteristics.